5 Tips for Overcoming Fear in Your Business and Getting it Done!

image: Binita Patel Photography 

Do you have those days where your email inbox is overflowing,

you have a PILE on your desk and you don’t even know what’s in there,

and you haven’t blogged in a month and you know that you need to come up with some content…stat, and you just don’t know where to start?!


Have you had a big idea that you were excited about, but didn’t have a clue how to bring it to fruition?! 

Have you ever been given the most exciting opportunity, but after overcoming that initial excitement, you were paralyzed with fear?! 

Me too!….  To ALL of these! 

I have been fortunate enough in my career to accomplish some exciting things-  I have authored a book (with a second book on the way), I spoke at Engage, one of the most prestigious wedding conferences in our industry, and I created a video Series, entitled The Series, for bridal store owners to assist them in training their staff and running a successful and profitable bridal store.

The funny thing about all of these things was that they were ideas I had or opportunities that I was provided, but I had NO IDEA how to accomplish them.

I was intimated…


and I had NO CLUE where to start.

In all of these instances, my first reaction was excitement, followed by fear, followed by paralysis. But slowly, my motivation overtook my fear and I was able to accomplish my goals.

And by the way, there are many days that my inbox and desk are overflowing , overdue blog posts are looming and I feel STUCK! 

It is not just the BIG things that get us stumped! 

I have been where you are, so let me help you get started. 

Here are  my 5 Tips for overcoming fear in your business and GETTING IT DONE!


Beth's 5 Tips for Overcoming Fear


So, here’s to accomplishing BIG THINGS…starting with a few BABY STEPS!

You got this!