5 Tips for Personalizing your Bridal Sales

Are your sales down?  Do you feel like your or your sales associates are having difficulty connecting with your clients on a personal level? We have all been there!  Below are 5 tips for personalizing your bridal sales.

Author, motivational speaker and businessman, Bob Burg says:


So, the question is, how do you build that trust with your clients and make that personal connection?  Here are a few ways to start!

1. Pre- qualify the bride
Ask questions before the bride comes into the store (either on the phone or in your online profile) so that you understand the details of her wedding, her budget, and what styles she has in mind.  This will set you or your sales associate up for success, as you will have time to think about the styles that you plan to recommend to the bride before the appointment.  If you show the bride what she says that she is looking for, it will immediately build her trust!

2. Introduce yourself to everyone in the  party
The sales associate should introduce them self to everyone that is there for the appointment, not just the bride.  Sometimes the person that you are selling to is not the bride! Try to identify the key decision maker in the group.  Refer to that person and the bride by name throughout the appointment.  This will create a personal connection with them.

3. Refer to the bride’s venue as you are selling the gown
Make sure that you are familiar with the bride’s venue.  If it is not one that you know, ask her to tell you about it (ps- brides LOVE to talk about the details of their wedding).  As she finds a gown that she loves, refer to the venue and how she will look in that setting.  This will help her to make an emotional connection to the gown and will allow her to see that you truly understand the vision for her big day.

4. Take note of personal details
After the bride’s appointments, take a moment to jot down some personal details about the bride and her guests- including the names and personal connection of the guests that were with her, her fiancé’s name, her dog’s name, her profession…basically anything that shows that you were listening to her.  Use these personal details in your future correspondence and interactions with her.  This will enhance your personal connection.

5. Know who you are selling to
This is BY FAR the most important tip!  You can’t achieve any of the above steps until you KNOW who your bride is!  As a store owner, you should identify your target client. You should be placing buys at market with this bride in mind. You need to connect with her through your marketing and social media before she even walks through the door.  In this day and age, in order to compete and thrive in our businesses, we can’t be everything to every bride.  We need to identify who are target bride is and everything that we do should have her in mind.

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