Characteristics of Top Performing Bridal Consultants

The best business advice that I have received (and give) is this:


Employees can truly make or break your business.  So, how do you ensure that you are hiring (and retaining) the best people?  Below are 3 of the characteristics of top performing bridal consultants:


  1. Top consultants strive to become experts in their field.  They read bridal magazines and blogs and stay on top of the current trends in the industry.
  2. Top consultants are personable and develop relationships with their brides. Selling is all about relationships!  Your best performers are able to find a connection with their brides and use this to make the sale.
  3. Top consultants are more proactive then reactive. So much of selling is listening! They are good at reading their brides and can anticipate any objections, concerns and needs before they are brought up.



My amazing staff at The White Dress by the shore {image: Amy Trahant}

Interested in learning additional characteristics that you should look for when hiring new sales associates and that you should be honing in your existing consultants?  Take a peek below at my new video series for bridal store owners, The Series by clicking the image.

I am in your shoes every day and know how hard it is to find and retain excellent sales people.  I created this series to help to educate bridal store owners on ways to make their bridal stores more efficient and profitable and also to train their sales associates on product knowledge and selling techniques to make them experts in their field!  If you find an associate that has the passion and these characteristics, then take the time to educate them, your sales will sky rocket!

Laura Dee Photography ©2014