Engage 2018 Speech on Overcoming Fear as an Entrepreneur

In December 2018, I had the opportunity and extreme honor to speak on the main stage of The Engage Luxury Wedding Business Summit. Appropriately, I spoke on fear! My speech was about the fear that we all feel as entrepreneurs.  I had a bit of a battle with the clicker during the speech, but I chose to leave the footage in versus editing it out, as this was a perfect example of overcoming fear!

My speech discusses the lessons that fear has taught me as an entrepreneur:

  1. Give Importance to Your Dreams
  2. Embrace Your Fake!
  3. Figure It Out!
  4. You Don’t Have To Give Up One Dream To Pursue Another
  5. Shit Or Get Off The Pot!
  6. Be Afraid…… and Do It Anyway!

My goal with this talk was to convey that no matter what level we are at in our career,  we ALL have fear.  Fear is a constant in entrepreneurship.  But, fear is something to be embraced. It can be a motivator, and ultimately can be a key to success! Enjoy the talk!

Video by Elysium Films

Featured Image: Banga Studios