Making A Lasting Impression In Your Bridal Salon

Last week, The White Dress by the shore received this review on Facebook:

“I wish that I could marry my husband over and over again just to have a reason to be at The White Dress by the shore all the time. I fell in love with my dress, the staff became my friends, and celebrated each moment of excitement from matching shoes, jewelry and each fitting with me. My mother also found her dress through them. The White Dress also matched my mother up with one of their designers to customize her dress for her. They made my planning process fun and relaxing.  That was eight years ago and nothing has changed, as I have heard the same from friends more recent than me that found their dress there!”

unnamedImage by Carla Ten Eyck

The amazing thing is that this bride was married 8 years ago!  She took the time 8 years after her wedding to write a review about us!  How amazing is that?!  What is even more incredible is that in the two weeks following this review, I had interactions with two other former brides. One was married 9 years ago and the other was married 10 years ago.  One bride called to thank me for taking such good care of her friends that she continues to refer to us and the other I ran into at a charity event. What was consistent among all 3 former clients was that they mentioned that shopping at The White Dress by the shore was the highlight of their wedding planning process. 

This brings to mind my favorite quote from Maya Angelou:


My heart is full knowing that we made these brides feel so good that they are still singing our praises 8+ years after their weddings.  My mission when I opened my boutique 12 years ago was to create a unique and memorable experience for brides.  Many stores make that claim, but few are able to follow through on it. The key to our success, beyond our hand written thank you notes and tea served in vintage tea cups, is consistency.  We have procedures and protocols in place for every interaction with our brides- From the initial phone consultation, to the day that she picks up her wedding gown.  Every associate is trained on how to greet a client, how to perform a bridal appointment, and how to handle difficult situations.  It is these procedures that create a consistent experience for every client and every interaction. 

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What are you doing to make a lasting impression on your bride?  What are the things that make the experience with you memorable?  If answers don’t come immediately to mind, take a look at your staff and your processes.  That is the best place to start!