What Does A Bridal Stylist Do?

I wear many hats in the bridal realm. One of them is bridal stylist and bridal dresser.  As a bridal dresser, my team and I offer a day of wedding dressing service. Often, I find that couples ask, What does a bridal dresser do?

My staff and I view ourselves as a fashion insurance policy for the wedding day.  Our job is to ensure that the bride and her party feel comfortable and beautiful and we ensure that every crease is pressed, every button is buttoned and every bustle point is affixed perfectly. By doing our job, we allow your wedding planner and your photographer to do what you hired them for and what they do best, instead of focusing on the gown.  You can leave the gown and wedding day fashion to us!

Below is a visual of some of the tasks that myself and my team perform on the wedding day:

Steam the Gown and Maids Dresses 

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

We steam the wedding gown, veil, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the occasion dresses to ensure that they are prepared for dressing.

Style the Gown

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

We assist the photography team in getting a perfect hanging gown shot and in styling any fashion details. As an additional level of service, we can provide a stylist just to style the details!

Organize the Bridesmaid Dresses

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

After steaming, we label each of the bridesmaid dresses and remove any tags so that they are prepared for dressing.

Assist the Groom and Groomsmen

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

We are there to assist in tying bow ties and folding pocket squares.  If the groom and his party really want to be pampered, we provide a dedicated dresser just for the guys as an additional level of service. The service includes tux and shirt pressing, shoe shining and of course, bow tying!

Tackle Fashion Emergencies

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

Your bridal dresser has a kit full of anything and everything to take care of any fashion emergencies that may occur so that you can focus on what is important on your special day!

Dress the Bride

Image by Carla Ten Eyck

We assist the bride in dressing and then step away for that quintessential gown zipping photo with your Mom, sister or other important person in your life.

Style The First Look

Image by Carla Ten Eyck
First impressions are everything!  We make sure that the look is perfection to ensure that the first look is as well.

Prepare the Bride For The Walk Down the Aisle

Image by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

We are there to ensure that the train and veil are perfect before you make your big entrance.

Bustle the Gown

Image by Jacqui Cole

Part of our role is to take care of the gown bustle. We make sure that every bustle point is tied or affixed perfectly so that you and your bridal party can enjoy your first moments after the ceremony!

Style The Portraits

Image by Jacqui Cole

We treat the bridal portraits as an editorial shoot. We ensure that every hem, hair and bow tie are perfectly in place!

These quotes from one our amazing clients sums up our service perfectly:

“Beth provided day-of dressing services for my wedding in July 2018. Two weeks before the event, my bridal salon told me I would need a professional onsite to steam my dress, and Beth stepped in to the rescue. To say she was a lifesaver is an understatement! You never know what can go wrong on your wedding day, and Beth was the essential extra pair of hands to make sure all of our kinks got worked out. Not only did she steam my wedding dress (perfectly) as well as my bridesmaids’ dresses and my after party outfits, she truly went above and beyond as she helped with the following unexpected issues that came up (and more): sewing a groomsman’s shirt that had ripped; helping my dad who was struggling with the studs in his new tuxedo shirt; carrying my train the entire day so that it wouldn’t get dirty before the ceremony; calming me down when I was nervous before my first look; ensuring my dress looked perfect in my photos; sewing the crinoline under my dress which ripped 10 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle (!); magically getting a stain out of my white leather jacket which I wore during our cocktail hour (!) – and even putting numbing cream on my feet before the reception. She had the best attitude and an incredibly calming presence, and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She even left me an adorable emergency kit to make sure I was covered for the rest of the night. I highly recommend Beth – she’s a true professional and a delight to work with.”
– Chloe Zale 

“I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Beth by our side at my wedding. From dress steaming, to getting my mom, bridesmaids and myself dressed, to sewing my bridesmaids’ dress straps back on after they broke, Beth was with us every step of the way, keeping all of us smiling and stress-free. She also assisted my photographer in styling my bridal portraits, first look, and family photos. This service was not something that I originally thought that I would need, but in hindsight, it was beyond helpful! Beth was there to hold my bouquet when needed, re-apply lipstick and lipgloss, make sure I was staying hydrated, carry my dress train while walking through our outdoor photo locations, and position my dress train in the most flattering way for photos. Amongst my bridal party, Beth and her team are now referred to as our wedding “fairy godmothers.” They were extremely professional, adorable, and had a bag of magic accessories for all of those last minute mishaps that you would never expect to happen. Beth’s attention to detail combined with her impeccable taste and own personal style come together to make for an invaluable service that every bride should consider for her big day.”

-Kirstina Christensen

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